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Detroit PCC Thanks the Detroit District Employees

thank you bannerThe Detroit Postal Customer Council is thanking Detroit District employees throughout the Metro Detroit Area for their commitment coming to work every day. Paul Brotz, Owner, Colorpoint Print, comments: We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Detroit District Postal Workers for their services during these unprecedented times. The mail is an essential part of the infrastructure of this country and we are proud to present the banner to post offices to show our appreciation for their tireless service.

Employees truly appreciate being recognized by our business customers.
Every day the clerks and carriers deliver the mail and products that keep America moving.
The Detroit PCC presents a 4’ X 8’ banner and is displayed outside the employee and customer parking lots for all to see how much they are appreciated.

 20200721 banner southfield
Southfield Post Office - July 21, 2020 

20200723 banner college park station 1

College Park Station - July 23, 2020

48223 brightmoor 674x261

Brightmoor Station - November 24, 2020

PCC: Our next presentations will be August 5th Livonia MI August 7th Seven Oaks Detroit MI and August 11th at Westland MI

Detroit Drives article - June 2, 2020 - PCC Awards

Open PDF article here.

Detroit PCC wins both Gold Innovation and Silver Membership Program Excellence for the 2020 PCC Leadership Awards

The Detroit PCC was awarded two Awards during the 2020 PCC Leadership Award Winners . The Gold Innovation Award acknowledged the talk-show format that was different from any other PCC event we ever held in Detroit. We named it: Detroit PCC Today Show! Growth Driven; Fueling Your Mailing & Shipping Success. The talk show format allowed us present to multiple topics, keep the format open, make it interactive like a "live" talk show and take questions from the audience (customers).

The Silver Membership Program Excellence Award was given to acknowledge an Educational Outreach presented to local postmasters and managers. We named it: Postal Customer Council: Know Your Role.The presentation discussed the History of PCC, our Mission Statement and the importance that postmasters and managers serve as an open channel for the USPS-to-Business communication. We shared the Benefits of Membership for our customers such as networking with other business customers and offering expert advice on shipping or mailing that would help businesses be more productive. We knew that educating postmasters and managers to identify potential business leads would benefit the Detroit PCC . We encouraged postmasters and managers to share the Detroit PCC website with their customers and to invite them to our educational sessions and social events such as mail facility tours, community service and Lunch and Learn events. We passed out PCC applications, a "What is a PCC" brochure ,Detroit PCC 2020 calendar of Events and ended with Q & A session.

Board of Governors Announces Selection of Louis DeJoy to Serve as Nation’s 75th Postmaster General May 7, 2020

pcc 250px trans

May 7, 2020

Board of Governors Announces Selection of Louis DeJoy to Serve as Nation’s 75th Postmaster General ( May 7, 2020);


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National PCC Day 2019 - Videos!

Detroit PCC presented NPCC Day September 27, 2019
Growth-Driven - Fueling your Mailing & Shipping Success

Special programming:

Erica Brix, VP, Area Operations, GLA Presented on the State of the Business & the Customer Journey: 42 mins

Steven Dearing, Director, Corporate Reporting, USPS HQ Presented Informed Delivery & Informed Visibility: 40 mins

Design the set, choose the guests, plan the program, cameras set and you have

The Detroit PCC Today Talk Show

PCC Industry Panel host, Paul Brotz, Industry Co-Chair and US Postal Service Panel host, Derron Bray, Postmaster Detroit, engage audience questions: 40 mins

The afternoon brought light to the accomplishments of the Detroit District – Progress in our mail processing plus encouraging personal growth

Karlett Gilbert, District Manager, Detroit, Karlett shares her comments in All Things Detroit - Celebrate our Successes: 14 mins

Marc Zack, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master, presents his own program; Breakthrough Innovative Thinking: 44 mins

“An event like this gives me an opportunity to have conversations and network to have my business questions answered.”

- Jennifer White, Beaumont Health

USPS National and Michigan News

News from USPS National and USPS Great Lakes Area.
01/19/2021 12:49
WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Postal Service today released an updated 2020 Post-Election Analysis that outlined the steps the agency took to deliver a record 136 million ballots and Election Mailpieces during the 2020 General Election and the two run-off elections for the United States Senate in Georgia. Read the full report here: about.usps.com/newsroom/national-releases/2021/usps_postelectionanalysis_1-12-21_georgia.pdf
01/15/2021 14:26
WASHINGTON, DC — Major League Baseball All-Star Yogi Berra was widely known for his colorful comments. Today, he receives a new distinction as the U.S. Postal Service announces several additional stamps to be issued in 2021 featuring him, science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin and artist Emilio Sanchez.
01/15/2021 11:12
DETROIT, MI — On Monday, Jan. 18, 2021, the U.S. Postal Service will observe the federal holiday marking the birthday of Civil Rights Movement champion Martin Luther King Jr. There will be no mail delivery or retail service on this day.
01/14/2021 12:51
WASHINGTON, DC — There are many reasons to say “I love you” and countless ways to show you care. The U.S. Postal Service begins the year with a new Love stamp. Love 2021, the latest stamp in the popular Love series, features a colorful and lighthearted digital illustration. The first stamp in the series was issued in 1973.
01/14/2021 11:40
Grand Rapids MI —On Monday January 18, 2021 the U.S. Postal Service will observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day which is a federal holiday.
01/13/2021 11:14
The U.S. Postal Service will honor August Wilson with a commemorative Forever stamp in the Black Heritage series
01/05/2021 09:57
WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Postal Service will release three new stamps as part of 2021 price change:
12/29/2020 17:01
Grand Rapids MI — Winter weather is making a return and the Greater Michigan U.S. Postal Service (zip codes 486-491 and 493-499) is asking our customers to help our letter carriers deliver your mail safely by clearing snow and ice from sidewalks, stairs and mailboxes.
12/14/2020 15:59
DETROIT, MI — You’re very nearly there! It’s the last week to get those holiday gifts and greetings in the mail by the recommended deadlines. Dec. 14 – 21 is expected to be the Postal Service’s busiest week of the holiday mailing and shipping season.
12/14/2020 15:42
Grand Rapids MI — You’re very nearly there! It’s the last week to get those holiday gifts and greetings in the mail by the recommended deadlines. Dec. 14 – 21 is expected to be the Postal Service’s busiest week of the holiday mailing and shipping season.