thank you bannerThe Detroit Postal Customer Council is thanking Detroit District employees throughout the Metro Detroit Area for their commitment coming to work every day. PCC member, Paul Brotz, Owner, Colorpoint Print, comments: We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Detroit District Postal Workers for their services during these unprecedented times. The mail is an essential part of the infrastructure of this country and we are proud to present the banner to post offices to show our appreciation for their tireless service.

Employees truly appreciate being recognized by our business customers. Every day the clerks and carriers deliver the mail and products that keep America moving.   The Detroit PCC presents a 4’ X 8’ banner and is displayed outside the employee and customer parking lots for all to see how much they are appreciated.

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Taylor Post Office honored March 24, 2023 

Postmaster Felicia Hall 

taylor 2023

So very proud of the Taylor Post Office - March 24, 2023 

 Awarded Quarterly 

Detroit PCC: Celebrates our employees