• Networking - Hear how to put others' best practices to use for you.
  • Information - Help your business be more productive.
  • Communications - Interact with mailers, vendors, and Postal Service personnel.
  • Education - Learn how the Postal Service can help your business become more profitable.

All businesses that use the mail as communication and fulfillment media with their customers will benefit from the PCC's regular networking forums by maintaining a close working relationship with their postmasters and other Postal Service managers. These events provide opportunities to meet other mailers, mailing experts, vendors from the mailing and fulfillment industry, and managers from the Postal Service to discuss issues that affect a single business or the whole mailing industry.

PCC members communicate information, ideas, and best-practice suggestions on new Postal Service products and services and their own internal operations. This interaction provides productive money-saving and revenue-generating ideas to enhance their use of Postal Service products and services to meet their business needs.

Your PCC membership brings you a working relationship with PCC members from other parts of the country. Many members who meet at PCC events form close bonds of cooperation, and they frequently host multi-PCC events/expositions to share insight into various Postal Service processes, programs, and issues and to provide advice on improving their mail centers, marketing strategies, transportation issues, and logistics functions. Many PCC members even provide help by sharing equipment and knowledge at critical mailing times.