The Detroit PCC was awarded two Awards during the 2020 PCC Leadership Award Winners . The Gold Innovation Award acknowledged the talk-show format that was different from any other PCC event we ever held in Detroit. We named it: Detroit PCC Today Show! Growth Driven; Fueling Your Mailing & Shipping Success. The talk show format allowed us present to multiple topics, keep the format open, make it interactive like a "live" talk show and take questions from the audience (customers).

The Silver Membership Program Excellence Award was given to acknowledge an Educational Outreach presented to local postmasters and managers. We named it: Postal Customer Council: Know Your Role.The presentation discussed the History of PCC, our Mission Statement and the importance that postmasters and managers serve as an open channel for the USPS-to-Business communication. We shared the Benefits of Membership for our customers such as networking with other business customers and offering expert advice on shipping or mailing that would help businesses be more productive. We knew that educating postmasters and managers to identify potential business leads would benefit the Detroit PCC . We encouraged postmasters and managers to share the Detroit PCC website with their customers and to invite them to our educational sessions and social events such as mail facility tours, community service and Lunch and Learn events. We passed out PCC applications, a "What is a PCC" brochure ,Detroit PCC 2020 calendar of Events and ended with Q & A session.